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Woman Awaits the GUTS Bus

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The main aim of this slideshow is to use sunlight as an underlying theme while telling a simple story of an event that takes place millions of times a day: an individual waiting for a bus. The woman in question starts out in the shade, and there are only hints of sun on the outskirts of the picture. As the bus arrives and its doors open, those doors cast a beam of sunlight out into the shade, extinguishing it. Those who are waiting board the bus, it leaves, and as it does it takes the sun with it once again, leaving the bus stop in shade. In the final picture, the bus is gone, and the shade is growing ever more ominous. The sun attempts to fight back, but without the bus hiding it, the word “stop” painted on the pavement is a clear sign that the sunlight will pass no further, and soon enough the shade will completely take over. The bus was the beacon of hope and now it is gone.


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